How to Get QuillBot Premium Account Free For Lifetime

QuillBot Premium Account Free- Users may easily and quickly produce text of the finest quality using QuillBot, a powerful online paraphrasing tool. The premium edition provides additional benefits and cutting-edge capabilities, while the free version still includes important features. This tutorial will show you how to utilize a Violentmonkey script to acquire QuillBot Premium for free!

What is QuillBot?

Content production is crucial in today’s digital world for various businesses, including literature, academia, and internet marketing. As a sophisticated paraphrasing tool that helps users boost their writing efficiency, QuillBot has increased in popularity. The premium edition delivers even more effective features and a faultless experience, however, the free version is still worthwhile. Fortunately, there is a free means of gaining QuillBot Premium access. You may simply access the premium features by utilizing a Violentmonkey script.

What is the QuillBot Premium?

QuillBot Premium is the commercial version of QuillBot, which includes sophisticated AI mode, sentence regurgitation, and plagiarism checks. It provides a more extensive set of tools for people who seek accuracy and efficiency in their writing jobs.

Having an understanding of QuillBot Premium

Customers may benefit through numerous enhanced features with the QuillBot service, which is based on a subscription. You may utilize the summarizer tool, access an extended synonym library, employ intelligent grammar and punctuation correction, and enjoy an ad-free experience with this membership. These features considerably boost the efficacy and quality of your writing process.

Quillbot Features

QuillBot is an online paraphrase tool that offers rephrasing recommendations and alternative phrases to assist users create high-quality text.

Free Version: QuillBot provides a free version that enables users to access basic features and functionality.
Premium Version: Premium is a subscription-based service that provides more sophisticated features and advantages than the free version.


  • Increased paraphrase skills
  • Contextual dictionaries
  • Grammar suggestions
  • Increased word restriction


  • Enhanced content creation
  • Being able to gain more exact word choices
  • Enhanced grammatical checking
  • Paraphrase lengthier sections without constraints

Membership: QuillBot Premium needs a paid membership to use the advanced features.

What QuillBot Premium Offers

This membership provides various features that may considerably improve your writing experience:

1. Enhanced Synonym Database.

You may develop more diversified and accurate paraphrased material with Premium thanks to the access to a bigger synonym database that it gives. This tool facilitates in the construction of unusual and fascinating articles without altering their original aim.

2. Automatically correct grammar and punctuation

QuillBot’s premium version delivers extensive grammar and punctuation correction tools. It assists in discovering and repairing grammatical and punctuation flaws so that your work is polished and skilled.

3. Summarization Tool

With the integrated summarizer tool that Premium offers, you can quickly summarize large articles or documents. By breaking up large amounts of information into digestible segments, this tool helps you save time and effort.

4. Experience Without Advertisements

You may enjoy the Premium user interface without being interrupted by advertisements. This offers a distraction-free atmosphere so you may focus totally on your writing tasks.

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Exploring the Free Trial

QuillBot regularly gives free trials of its premium services, which enable clients to sample the full range of capability before committing to a subscription. These trials occasionally come with restricted length however give unlimited access to premium features inside the trial term.

To get the most out of the free trial, users should familiarize themselves with all available features and determine how QuillBot Premium could benefit their unique needs. Proactively using the trial period to investigate different modes and tools may help individuals make an informed decision about upgrading.

Step-by-step Instructions by QuillBot Premium Account Free

The Technique: Violentmonkey Script

Popular browser Violentmonkey Extension lets users run custom scripts on websites. We will activate QuillBot Premium without paying for membership by utilizing this practical way. The technique is explained in the stages below.

QuillBot Premium Account Free

1. Installing Violentmonkey

Start your preferred internet browser and hunt for the “Violentmonkey extension.”
Navigate to the download area on Violentmonkey’s official website.
Then, follow on the browser-specific installation instructions by clicking the download/Get button.
Visit the URL: Violentmonkey Extension to get the Violentmonkey extension for your browser.

QuillBot Premium Account Free

2. Setting up the QuillBot Premium Account Free Script.

You may now install the premium version of the QuillBot script following installing Violentmonkey. The script will allow access to Premium features without a monthly cost.

To Install the premium version of QuillBot, you must:

Check out the Violentmonkey website, the script’s code page, or this link: Quillbot Premium Unlocker to install the script inside Violentmonkey.
To add the script to your Violentmonkey extension, click the “Install this script” button.

Violentmonkey QuillBot Script

You will be prompted to confirm the installation by Violentmonkey. To proceed, click “Install” or “OK”.
From here you will be routed to the Userscript installation page. Proceed by clicking the install button to successfully install the script.

QuillBot Premium Account Free

The premium QuillBot script has been installed and is now running in your browser.

3. Enjoying QuillBot Premium Account Free Features

After installing the QuillBot premium script, you may start enjoying the advantages of Premium without any expense. Here’s how to utilize QuillBot Premium:

  1. Open QuillBot in your browser.
  2. Login into QuillBot using your Google account or any other account.
  3. While on the QuillBot website, click on the Violentmonkey plugin and activate the QuillBot Premium script that we installed in the prior step.
  4. Refresh the page, if required and the Premium features will be instantly active, and you can start using them to better your work.
QuillBot Premium Account Free

You can utilize all of Premium’s advanced features without having to pay a monthly fee if you install the QuillBot Premium script using Violentmonkey. This offers you access to better paraphrasing capabilities, a contextual thesaurus, grammatical tips, and a higher word limit. You may increase the quality of your work and speed up the writing process by utilizing a Premium membership for free today.

Common Problem

If you are encountering the issue where the “Paraphrase” button is taking too long to deliver the result / loading endlessly, use the following solutions to address the problem:

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Log out of your account and log in again.
  3. Deactivate and Activate the Violentmonkey script.

These approaches will undoubtedly address the issue.


Acquiring QuillBot Premium for free is an attractive option for anybody seeking for powerful writing tools without breaking the bank Through referral programs, promotional offers, educational discounts, and free trials, users may access premium features and enhance their writing experience. By adopting safeguards and employing legal techniques, users may enjoy the benefits of QuilBot Premium while keeping security and authenticity.

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Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs) About QuillBot Premium Account Free

1. I want to use QuillBot Premium for free.

Yes, you may access Premium features without paying membership by running the QuillBot premium script using TamperMonkey.

2. Use of TamperMonkey is safe.

Adding your scripts is often done using the popular browser plugin TamperMonkey. Largely used, it is usually considered safe.

3. Can I run the QuillBot premium script in any browser?

Yes, TamperMonkey works with numerous browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The code for the script may be installed using any web browser that is compatible with TamperMonkey.

4. Is utilizing QuillBot Premium via the script subject to any restrictions?

The QuillBot Premium script opens up every functionality of Premium. Remember that utilizing the script does not entitle you to an official subscription or extra customer service.

5. Can I deactivate the QuillBot premium script if I no longer require it?

Deleting TamperMonkey’s premium QuillBot script is rather easy. Just find TamperMonkey in your browser’s extension settings and delete the script linked to QuillBot from there.

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