10 Best Free Video Generator AI in 2024

Best Free Video Generator AI

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If companies and content producers wish to compete in this increasingly visual market, they need to have video content. According to reports, videos account for over 80% of all internet traffic, and more and more users are choosing them over other types of online material like text and photos.

Video content has a higher organic reach than other forms of material, and most web publishers depend on social networks to reach consumers. In addition, creating and sharing video content has always been expensive and time-consuming.

This perspective is being altered by artificial intelligence (AI), which is making video generation simpler than ever. At the same time, with the variety of AI video generators available, creating video content is now easier than ever.

Top 10 Best Free Video Generator AI

The Best Free Video Generator AI available right now include the following:

i. Pictory

With Pictory, an AI movie generator, you can quickly and simply make and edit excellent films. The fact that you don’t need any prior knowledge of design or video editing is one of the finest things about the program.

The first thing you do is submit an essay or script that will act as the foundation for your video material. Pictory, for instance, may transform your blog article into a captivating movie for your website or social networking accounts. For individual bloggers as well as businesses trying to boost quality and engagement, this is a fantastic feature. It operates on any computer since its foundation is in the cloud.

Moreover, Pictory makes it simple to edit videos with text, making it ideal for editing Zoom recordings, podcasts, webinars, and other media. It’s easy to use, takes just a few minutes, and produces polished results that support audience growth and brand building.

Making shareable video highlight reels with Pictory is another fantastic option that comes in handy for those who want to make trailers or post quick clips to social media. In addition to these fantastic capabilities, you can automatically summarize lengthy films and add captions to your recordings.

ii. Synthetic

Top-ranked on our list of the top AI video generators is Synthesys, a pioneer in the development of commercial films and text-to-voiceover algorithms. In a couple of minutes, Synthesys hopes to assist you in improving your explainer movies and product tutorials. The firm converts scripts into dynamic media displays using its Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) technology.

With Synthesys, businesses and creators may leverage AI video technology to make lip-syncing videos. Film crews and cameras are not required. All you need to do for the program to generate a high-quality movie is choose an avatar and enter your script in any of the more than 140 languages offered.

The tool includes a voicebank with 254 distinct styles and 69 actual “Humatars.” It also provides high-resolution output, complete flexibility, and an intuitive editing and rendering interface.

iii. HeyGen

HeyGen is a video platform that makes it simple to produce PowerPoints for a variety of use cases and captivating corporate movies using generative AI.

With the help of this robust platform, you can quickly transform text into a polished film right from your web browser. To make a unique avatar, record and upload your own voice, or just enter in whatever words you choose. There are more than 300 voices available, offering a broad variety.

One of the many customizing options is to merge many scenes into a single film. Another is to include music that fits the video’s subject.

iv. BasedLabs

BasedLabs transforms static photos into dynamic films with ease, revolutionizing the process of creating videos. It is ideal for anybody wishing to leave their mark with original movies or memes since it is loaded with AI features that make content production simple and enjoyable.

Developed for content producers of all kinds, including influencers, business owners, and photographers, BasedLabs provides an easy-to-use, efficient method for creating unique content. Creating captivating visual tales with tools like Faceswap, Selfie Generator, AI Video Generator, Image Extender, and Upscaler has never been simpler.

Make a lasting impression with the AI Video Generator, a tool that instantly creates films from photographs. It’s perfect for improving your marketing, social media presence, and portfolio. Join the BasedLabs community as well to network with other creatives and gain inspiration.

v. Colossyan

One of the first businesses developing technologies to make video creation possible using AI and machine learning algorithms is Colossyan. Their platform seeks to make video content creation more accessible and easy for everyone, and can be used for everything from YouTube clips to HR training courses.

With this video generator, you may choose from a variety of avatars and give the avatar a script. Once your first video has been created, you can easily target multiple locations by just pressing a button to have the whole movie automatically translated. It’s easy to switch up your attire and accent. More than 120 languages are available.

vi. Fliki

With its script-based editor, Fliki makes making videos as easy as writing. Using AI, create realistic voiceovers for videos in a matter of minutes. Additionally, Fliki offers more than 2000 lifelike text-to-speech voices in more than 75 languages.

Fliki is unique among tools since it offers an all-in-one platform for your content production requirements by combining text to voice and text to video AI capabilities.

Videos may be made for a multitude of purposes. This involves creating explainers, product demonstrations, YouTube videos, Tiktok Reels, social media material, and instructional and promotional films.

vii. Deepbrain AI

With the Deepbrain AI tool, you can quickly and simply produce AI-generated films with simple text. To obtain your first AI movie in five minutes or less, just prepare your screenplay and use the Text-to-Speech function.

To get started, just follow these three easy steps:

Make a new project first. You may choose one of the beginning templates or begin with your own PPT template.
Your script may be manually entered or copied and pasted. Your uploaded PowerPoint’s contents will be immediately inserted.
You may export the synthesized video after choosing the right language and AI model and completing the editing process.

viii. Elai is another top AI video generator that lets users produce a variety of video content from text. It is run by a worldwide team of AI technology professionals. You can quickly and simply create films at scale using

With only three clicks, you may utilize the platform to create a polished video from the link to an article or blog post. Before selecting a template from the library, you must first copy and paste the HTML text or URL of a blog post. Reviewing the movie, making any necessary edits, rendering, and downloading it are the only tasks remaining.

Those who want to make training films without voiceovers, actors, or post-production will find quite helpful. AI-powered, captivating product videos are another way to boost your marketing.

There are more than 25 avatars to choose from and more than 60 languages available. In addition to choosing a presenter from the library, you may ask for a custom avatar.

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ix. InVideo

InVideo is a potent artificial intelligence (AI) solution for creating marketing and instructional films. Having no prior experience with video production or editing is necessary to begin using the program.

With InVideo, you can easily make high-quality films in a matter of minutes by using text as input for the video. It provides a number of well created and animated templates.

All you need to do to utilize the AI video generator is enter your words, choose your favorite template, or create your own, then download the completed product. After then, the video footage may be easily posted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networking sites.

For creating slideshows, memes, presentations, video testimonials, and commercial videos, InVideo is a popular choice among users.

x. Synthesia

Synthesia Best Free Video Generator AI is an AI video generating tool that lets you easily produce movies with AI avatars, is another fantastic AI video generator. In addition to several themes, a screen recorder, a video library, and more, the platform supports more than 60 languages.

Some of the largest brands in the world, including Google, Nike, Reuters, and the BBC, utilize Synthesia.

Filming venues or sophisticated video equipment are not required while using Synthesia. You have access to more than 70 different AI avatars, and you can even order a custom AI avatar just for your company. You may make your own avatar in addition to the pre-made ones.

With only a few clicks of the mouse, professional, consistent voiceovers may be produced thanks to the AI voice production platform. Closed subtitles are also included with these voiceovers. With more than 50 pre-designed themes, you can quickly create high-quality films when you have an avatar and narration. You may get personalized templates by uploading your own brand identification elements.


With the help of these top 10 Best Free Video Generator AI, users can easily transform photographs into captivating films, revolutionizing the content production process. These tools simplify the video production process and make it accessible to producers, companies, and photographers alike. They are made for a wide range of users. They enable users to improve their digital presence and narrative without the need for sophisticated editing skills because to their intuitive interfaces and powerful video generating capabilities. In addition to making content production easier, these platforms provide new opportunities for visual storytelling in the digital age.

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