Top 10 Best Free Premium VPN

You may use them to bypass geo-restrictions, encrypt your data transmissions, and safeguard your online persona while using public Wi-Fi. The Best Free Premium VPN hide your device’s internet protocol (IP) address. Then, they send the encrypted data over remote, secure networks. The result is a more secure system that better protects personal information.

A virtual private network (VPN) masks your online activity by obscuring your IP address from prying eyes.

Still, the adage holds: that quality remains constant regardless of price. Additionally, it is common knowledge that some free VPN companies sell your data to advertising or even have inadequate data protection measures in place because of this. Be wary of using free VPN services; they may cause more problems than they solve.

These top 10 free VPN service providers provide free versions or trial periods, as well as money-back guarantees. If you don’t want to spend money on items you’ve never tested, these are your best choices.

Top 10 Best Internet Browsers

Top 10 Best Free Premium VPN

Whether you’re searching for a VPN to surf the internet anonymously or defend your device from a man-in-the-middle assault, there’s a free VPN.

The free VPN list below features genuine user VPN reviews from the top free VPN software category page. It’s crucial to remember that merchants with free trials are also included in the free category on our list. To be considered in this category, a solution must:

  1. Allow devices to connect to private networks using encryption and other security methods.
  2. Provide users with authorized access to private networks and sensitive data.
  3. Encrypt data by intercepting network traffic at the packet level.
  4. Use tunneling techniques to route connections to secure networks.

I) NordVPN

NordVPN Best Free Premium VPN offers consumers safe access to the internet on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Android TV. It includes security safeguards to shield you from malware, trackers, invasive adverts, and harmful URLs. Besides providing limitless bandwidth and high connection speed, NordVPN allows customers to pick from 5,600 servers in 60 countries. You may get the free version from the app stores.

What consumers appreciate best: “One of the most impressive features of NordVPN is its advanced data security measures. This virtual private network service employs military-grade encryption to safeguard user data and supports numerous protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. NordVPN also boasts a strong no-log policy, guaranteeing no user data is saved on our servers.”

What people dislike: “I don’t like the fact that there is a small data limit, and when using a VPN, it fills up fast. I also don’t like the limitation for free memberships on where you may access.”

II) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Best Free Premium VPN provides a single VPN subscription for all devices. Besides IP address masking, it employs modern encryption standards (AES) – 256 to secure online activity. Users may also enjoy unlimited bandwidth and pick from VPN servers in 94 countries. The TrustedServer technology is a significant privacy feature that protects you from online activity monitoring and dangerous sites. ExpressVPN provides a risk-free 30-day free trial along with premium alternatives.

What people like most: “ExpressVPN has one of the best applications. You may have it on your laptops – Windows or Mac – and all your other devices. Especially if it’s a streaming device like a phone or tablet, it’s the go-to for secure online surfing. You may obtain various material on your streaming service based on your selected area.”

What consumers dislike: “Occasionally, there are connection issues with the laptop version. This occurs when the laptop “goes asleep.” The VPN then has problems reconnecting and occasionally needs to be “repaired” using the Add/Delete Apps tool in Windows.”

III) ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Best Free Premium VPN is a high-speed Swiss VPN that safeguards your data via encrypted VPN tunnels. Moreover, it doesn’t track your internet activity or share data with other parties. ProtonVPN is unusual since they don’t display adverts even in their free VPN version. Paid edition customers may experience up to 400% faster VPN speeds owing to their VPN Accelerator technology. You may use it for any device, including PCs, cellphones, Mac computers, and routers.

What people like best: “Unlike most other VPN providers, ProtonVPN offers a free plan (not a trial or demo). While the free plan is fairly restricted, it does give a terrific chance to trial before you buy.”

What people dislike: “Free servers are available but are limited to only three. They need to give at least 5-10 free servers so that a user may test them out. Sometimes the VPN won’t connect even with a superb internet connection, which causes them to lose their customers, too.”

IV) Windscribe

Windscribe Best Free Premium VPN includes a VPN desktop program and browser plugin, so you may surf the web secretly. It prevents advertisements and encrypts browser behavior, ensuring no one can monitor or sell your data. WindScribe employs IP address masking to allow you to unlock prohibited material in over 69 countries. Plus, it never discloses users’ domain name system (DNS) information. The free edition gives 10 gigabytes (GB) of monthly data and access to more than 10 countries when you register with an email address.

What consumers like most: “I have been using Windscribe for the last two years, and it’s one of the best VPNs available on the web that includes a free plan (offering 10 GB of data every month). The speed is excellent, and it opens the door to banned websites. The most attractive feature of Windscribe is that it takes no time to connect with the servers.”

What consumers dislike: “If you decide to go Pro, the pricing can be quite expensive to unlock all features. The email ticketing system may also be relatively sluggish when responding to complaints, but it has improved in recent years.”

V) ClearVPN

ClearVPN is a customizable VPN service with a rigorous no-log policy and top-tier encryption. The seamless, straightforward UI makes it easy for users to surf secretly on iPhone, PC, tablet, Android, and Mac devices. You may download the free version from the application store that is native to your operating system.

What people like best: “ClearVPN helps me provide an extra layer of security for my browsing. Some of the critical decentralized apps that I use for my firm are sometimes not available, thus ClearVPN enables me to access them very simply. It helps me prevent adverts when surfing content. It’s pretty affordable compared to other VPNs. I also got an additional six-month membership for free despite selecting for the 12-month subscription.”

What people dislike: “Slower downloads and streaming is what I didn’t like. It also failed to link me to Disney+ Hotstar successfully. However, Netflix and Hulu function great. I’ve also had troubles when playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and testing other role-playing video games.”

VI) TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN Best Free Premium VPN keeps your online activity anonymous on any network, including public WiFi and hotspots. It employs AES-256-bit encryption to secure you against password and data theft. Plus, you get to unblock material in 47 countries. TunnelBear might also be an effective alternative for avoiding local restrictions. Their worldwide server network assures no throttling or delays when you surf the internet, and their free edition delivers 2GB of safe browsing data.

What people enjoy best: “I installed this on my mobile (Huawei) while overseas and it worked like a dream, so easy to use. Nice map interface – choose your chosen area, and the Bear sets up the connection within seconds and even makes a little roar noise!”

What people dislike: “One aspect that I did not like about TunnelBear is that when choosing where to connect it only allows you to choose a country or zone. However, the program doesn’t enable you to specify which server or IP you wish to utilize. In this manner, anytime you connect to a nation, the program provides you with a new IP address. It might be a significant annoyance if you’re using an application and wish to constantly connect with the same IP address.”

VII) is a famous VPN service provider trusted by 25 million customers throughout the world. It assures 99.99% uptime with a varied network of 2100 servers in 78 countries. The app protects user privacy with different VPN protocols and AES-256-bit encryption. Plus, it also provides security against DNS, online real-time communications, IPv4, and IPv6 breaches. The free edition delivers 10GB of monthly bandwidth and allows you to access servers from five locations.

What people appreciate best: “I like that when there are disruptions in the VPN, blocks the internet connection until you manually authorize it to proceed. These safeguards prevent any insecure connection from being met. The cost is also quite inexpensive, and the quantity of venues given is very satisfying.”

What people dislike: “Although this software has a wide variety of servers, their speed is very poor. I ran several tests to determine the connection speed, and they left a lot to be desired.”


VyprVPN helps you surf the internet secretly with features like split tunneling, DNS leak prevention, and a no-log policy. The kill switch function protects your personal information and peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic by limiting the internet and network traffic in case of VPN disconnection. VyprVPN distinguishes out with its 100+ server locations and lightning-fast connection speeds. Their free trial comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What consumers enjoy best: “It’s really quick to connect and offers excellent speeds. Reliable connection as well. They have also added support for Wireguard, which is quite nice. The protocol support is fairly extensive, particularly their custom-developed protocol called Chameleon, which works pretty well most of the time.”

What people dislike: “A disadvantage of this program is that it has a high cost for users, and many other similar programs offer the same service for a low cost. They should establish a fair pricing to have more consumers enjoying this service.”

IX) Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield‘s performance is unsurpassed, with 3,200 VPN servers in over 80 countries and over 35 cities. Besides military-grade encryption, it employs a unique VPN protocol for fast and secure internet access. You can access at least 800 servers and up to 1 GB per second connection speed with the free version. The pricier alternatives enable you to visit additional virtual destinations and enjoy streaming services.

What consumers like most: “The best thing about Hotspot Shield is that its interface and installation process are very smooth compared to other VPNs. Switching between various nations at a quicker pace is a great function. The Hydra Catapult protocol technology offers these functionalities at a considerably quicker speed.”

What consumers dislike: “The emergency power off switch to disconnect the Internet connection (if the VPN is disconnected) does not work properly. It doesn’t enable me to link Hotspot Shield again without deactivating it first before tapping the connect button.”

X) Surfshark

Surfshark Best Free Premium VPN delivers its consumers safe VPN services with 3,200 bare-metal servers across 65 countries. This VPN solution protects you against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults and always allows you to change your IP address. Other characteristics include their no-logs policy and high-speed content delivery. Surfshark provides a 7-day free trial for Android, iOS, and macOS users.

What people like most: “Surfshark is the best VPN I have used till now. I have been using Surfshark for the last 2 years, and it has fulfilled my expectations. I have tried numerous VPNs, but Surfshark wins the game here. As a premium subscriber, I can predict that Surfshark will be at the forefront in the future. The speed of their servers is practically the same as my internet connection.”

What customers don’t like: “Speed is extremely slow in comparison to other service providers.” Additionally, there are fewer servers available for paying clients. Frequent disconnections and less secure when compared to others.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is a VPN necessary, and what is it?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a service that offers protection and privacy while you access the internet by encrypting your connection and masking your IP address. It’s vital for securing your data from hackers, and government spying, and assuring access to geo-restricted content.

Are free VPNs secure to use?

Free VPNs might be secure provided they come from trusted suppliers. However, some free VPNs may compromise on security features or sell user data to other parties. Always select a well-known and reliable free VPN provider.

Is it possible to stream using a free VPN?

While some free VPNs may have data limits and might not provide the fastest speeds, they can still be utilized for streaming. For continuous viewing, a premium VPN would be better ideal.

How do free VPNs earn money?

Free VPNs generally generate money via adverts, giving restricted free services with the goal that customers would switch to a paying subscription. Some may also gather and sell anonymized user data, so it’s vital to check their privacy rules.

Do free VPNs cause my internet speed to decrease?

Free VPNs might slow down your internet connection owing to restricted server availability and bandwidth constraints. Premium VPNs often provide greater speeds and performance.


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